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Lifecycle endurance testing of electric drive systems (hybrid modules, electric axle drives)

On our test benches we offer customer-specific lifecycle endurance tests of electrical drive systems or system components. We offer the suitable testing environment both for individual electric machines as well as for hybrid modules with additional components or complete electric axle drive systems. In the process our experience and knowledge from the areas of environment simulation and hydraulic tests in explosion-proof atmosphere are combined with those from testing electrical drives in concentrated form.

Performance indicators

  • Per drive unit being tested up to 150 kW
  • Specimen conditioning via cooling water and / or oil according to customer specifications between -40 °C und 150 °C
  • Temperature change rates of the ambient temperature up to 20 K/min from -50 °C to 180 °C
  • Explosion-proof test environment
  • Power supply cascadable according to customer specifications up to 800 V
  • Fully automated flexible test bench control with interfaces to all common bus systems


  • VDA work group 4.5 E-machine
  • (High Temperature Operating Endurance – Powered Thermal Cycle
  • Endurance – PTCE, High Temperature and Humidity Endurance – HTHE)

Lifecycle endurance testing of mechatronic components

Since finding from an early design stage are particularly valuable during development, we offer customer-specific possibilities for component tests in “target atmospheres”. This means: We simulate the required environmental conditions at the interfaces of the components (mechanical, thermal, electrical) to be tested. This way our customers can obtain development results at an extremely early stage and integrate these cost-efficiently into the development process.

Performance indicators

  • Example: Temperature shock with coolant of electronic components (redistribution velocities of up to xxx °C/min, from -40 °C to 65 °C)
  • Example: Stator test under current in target atmosphere (air or oil)

Environmental simulation of electric machines and mechatronic systems

Apart from the typical active lifecycle tests we also offer customer-specific test setups for which we combine our expertise in the field of environmental simulation and the operation of high-voltage components at the test bench. It is easily possible to supply a component with high-voltage at environment simulation test benches as well collect and monitor data from the operating device.


  • Power supply with isolation monitoring of up to 1500 V
  • Development tools for data collection from Vector (VN9870 with CanOe and Canape)

Technical equipment

In addition to the standard components of a test laboratory we also dispose of a large portfolio of special measurement and analytics technology. Thereforewe are able to diagnose components and systems from the field of electro-mobility and mechatronics and evaluate their state. Our customers can therefore order a service package including evaluation and diagnosis.

Performance indicators

  • DC sources of up to 1500 V, cascadable customer-specific solutions of up to 800 V, 400 A, 130 kW
  • Measuring technology for the detection of all required physical variables (temperatures, pressures, speeds, torques) from IMC, Ganthner, Beckhoff
  • Numerous climate chambers and temperature chambers -70 °C to 180 °C
  • Temperature chambers with inertization in the temperature range of
  • 70 °C to 180 °C
  • Hardware and software for the control of mechatronic systems via Vector-VN89xx and CanOe/ Canape
  • Measuring devices for component analysis (isolation measurement, resistance measurement, and many more)

Scope of services

Our goal as a test service provider is to consistently offer a wide range of services around the actual test task. Consequently it is possible to commission us with all the tasks required for the test procedure, from the fixture design and manufacturing through installation services at the specimen, up to test part diagnosis and evaluation, measured data evaluation and report compilation.


  • Design and production of test adapters
  • Installation work at electrical drives and mechatronical components
  • Component diagnosis and evaluation
  • Measuring point applications
  • Measured data evaluation
  • Report generation


  • Design program: Creo and Mdesign
  • Measurement data evaluation FAMOS and Diadem

Example test bench structure: Thermal cycle endurance test PTCE hybrid module in oil atmosphere with oil conditioning

Exemplary test setup for 4 electrical machines in tandem setup: With this setup the temperature change stability of the electricalmachines can be tested. To achieve realistic stress conditions several oil circuits per electrical machine were operated, regulated and monitored in an explosion-proof atmosphere customer-specifically. For this the temperature range lay between -40 °C und 130 °C. Thanks to the tandem setup of the machines nearly all operating points can be set automatically and energy efficiently.


Performance indicators

  • Automatic test bench control
  • DC voltage up to 800 V
  • Wattage for each specimen up to 130 kW
  • Temperature ranges cooling liquids from -40 °C to 130 °C


  • Design program: Creo and Mdesign
  • Measurement data evaluation FAMOS and Diadem

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